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Some factors control breast size, the most important of which are genetic factors, age and hormonal balance, and the diet also plays an important role in this.




There may be many effective methods of breast augmentation, but most women do not prefer using natural mixtures on the chest area as they cause chaos. Some also resort to using plastic surgery to enlarge the chest, which is not recommended due to its health risks and side effects. If you want to enlarge the breast in a safe and secure manner without any damage, you can include some healthy foods during your diet to help increase the levels of estrogen, which helps to enlarge the size of the breast.


Breast consists of a group of adipose tissues, so to enhance the production of adipose cells, you should eat healthy fats. Healthy fats help boost chest tissue production, which helps to enlarge it. However, healthy fats increase metabolism, thus avoiding weight gain. The main sources rich in unsaturated fats are olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, eggs and oily fish.


Most types of seeds contain lignans, a plant estrogen that helps increase estrogen secretion in the body. You can eat fennel seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds during your daily diet. These types of seeds have high levels of lignans, which give you a larger chest within a short period. These seeds are also associated with reducing cardiovascular disease.


Most healthy nuts contain unsaturated fats, proteins and iso-flavonoids, which are very similar to estrogen synthesis. The best nuts that enlarge the chest are almonds, peanuts, chestnut and pistachios.


Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are all kinds of vegetables that contain lignan, which helps increase the estrogen secretion. As for leafy vegetables, it may not contain a sufficient percentage of the elements that help estrogen secretion, but it also works to prevent the production of testosterone, which may cause the small size of the breast. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins that work to prevent the effects of free radicals that may lead to breast sagging.


Fruits also contain lignans, which help with breast growth as mentioned. Some of the best fruits that you can eat to enlarge the chest are apples, strawberries, red berries, cherries, peaches, oranges, dates and melons.


Milk and dairy products contain hormones similar to human hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Prolactin is one of the most important hormones that new mothers secrete during lactation, which helps to enlarge the size of the chest during that period. Therefore, dairy products are among the best food sources for treating the problem of small chest size



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