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What are the foods that reduce the risk of preterm labor


Food that reduces the risk of premature labor

A pre-pregnancy diet can have a huge impact on the course of a pregnancy.

A recent study indicated that pregnant women who relied on traditional vegetables, this had a positive effect on the course of pregnancy.

According to the University of Queensland report on the study results, a diet containing “traditional vegetables” such as carrots, broccoli or potatoes before pregnancy reduces the risk of preterm labor.

The study was published in the specialized journal, “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”


A comparison of four dietary patterns

Australian researchers from the University of Queensland examined the diet of 3,500 women and giving birth to 3,508 children.

Three dietary patterns were identified for the participants:


1- Meat and high-fat foods.

2- Sugar, refined grains and processed foods.

3- Traditional vegetables.


Traditional vegetables are as follows:





-Green Beans.



The positive effect of vegetables

The researchers report with their results that a diet high in traditional vegetables can be associated with a lower risk of preterm labor, especially for premature births.

The supervisor of the study explains: “Traditional vegetables are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that play an important role in reducing the risk of negative childbirth outcomes.”


Is it too late after pregnancy?

“Before pregnancy, women were dependent on certain stored nutrients such as calcium and iron, which are crucial for the development of the placenta and fetal tissues,” he continues, the study’s supervisor says.

And after pregnancy, it may be too late to “start eating healthy food because babies are fully supplied by the end of the first trimester.”

Therefore, it is necessary to change the diet before pregnancy

The supervisor of the study explains, “People who are born early are at greater risk of developing metabolic diseases and chronic diseases, in addition to poor cognitive development in adulthood.”

It is highly recommended to eat more traditional vegetables to avoid any negative obstacles that may arise during and after pregnancy.


There are ideas among some that indicate that giving birth in the eighth month is more dangerous than giving birth in the seventh month. In fact, the opposite is true, as every additional day for the fetus in the womb of its mother contributes to its growth more and better, according to Azoury, and therefore childbirth in the eighth month is considered preferable for him compared to childbirth in the seventh month, and there is no increased risk in this case. A pregnant woman can give birth starting from the seventh month, but each stage has the risks associated with it and is dealt with and providing the necessary care for the child as needed. Note that upon premature labor:


– A pediatrician specializing in premature labor is present in the operating room to provide the necessary care and rapid recovery to the child at birth so that he does not lack oxygen, as it is considered one of the most difficult problems and risks that the child can face because of their repercussions and may lead to damage to the brain in a way that cannot be treated or that it may He becomes disabled.

– The child is transferred to intensive care to conduct the necessary blood tests for him to make sure that there are no infections and whether he needs antibiotics. Note that this type of problem is considered treatable


It is true that the birth of a child at an early stage requires a provision to place it in the incubator to ensure its full development, as it is considered incomplete in the womb of its mother, but there is no doubt that the incubator is never a substitute for the mother’s womb and does not replace it. In addition, the presence of the child in the incubator exposes him to more infections. Hence the importance of constantly examining it to ensure that there are no infections. After leaving the incubator, his growth decreases by 10 percent, while brain development decreases by 2 percent.

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