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The benefits of bathing in cold water between illusion and truth

Some of us may feel that bathing with cold water is less desirable compared to using hot water, especially during the winter. Hot water helps feel warm by raising your body temperature. But cold water has many benefits not only for the health of the body, but also for the health of hair and skin.




For many people, hot water is the secret to getting relaxation and muscle relaxation, especially after spending a long day at work or after exercising. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and increase blood flow. But bathing with cold water or snow baths is a common practice among many amateur and professional athletes because of its multiple health benefits.




Here are 5 health benefits of bathing in cold water instead of hot water.

1- Improving the appearance of the skin

Cold water helps increase blood flow inside the capillaries, which stimulates blood circulation in the body. Thus, this helps to speed up the arrival of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin cells, giving them natural freshness and radiance.

2- Prevention of dry skin

Although hot water can rapidly remove dirt and oily secretions on the skin, it strips your skin of completely natural moisturizing oils. With this, the skin experiences severe dryness and itching. On the other hand, cold water protects the skin from dehydration as a result of not removing the natural oils that protect the skin from external factors and the effects of damage. Cold water also seizes the sebaceous glands openings to regulate the secretion of oils on the surface of the epidermis.

3- Avoid common skin problems

As a result of removing hot water for skin oils, this causes some common conditions, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Therefore, cold water is best for caring for sensitive and damaged skin to maintain moisturizing factors and prevent dry skin.

4- Minimizing the pores of the skin

Hot water causes the skin to expand as a result of its expansion, but when using cold water this helps to catch and reduce the pores. It helps to prevent excessive build-up of dirt and oily secretions inside the pores that cause them to clog and the appearance of skin problems that are associated with the clogging of the pores.


5- Hair loss treatment and shine restoration

Cold water is best for taking care of your hair, giving you natural shine while reducing frizz. As cold water strengthens the layer of Kutkal surrounding the hair strands to resist the damage factors, your hair becomes stronger. Cold water also reduces hair loss as a result of stimulating follicles and strengthening roots.


6- Avoid dandruff

Using cold water for bathing or washing hair reduces the risk of dry scalp, which helps reduce the chances of dandruff occurring. You can also use cold water with a little white vinegar to rinse the hair, balancing the pH scalp pH to fight dandruff.

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