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Breast augmentation as rose water

Rose water has many health and aesthetic benefits for the body, skin and hair care, and is involved in the manufacture of many cosmetics. Here is a natural trick to use rose water to enlarge the chest.


Several new recipes of rose water have recently spread to enlarge the chest or breast of the woman in a natural and safe manner. These recipes are for everyone with a small chest size and want to enlarge them with natural ingredients instead of the common plastic surgery procedures. These recipes quickly spread among women because they needed them after they tried several other attempts and recipes to enlarge the chest without any result. Fortunately, all ingredients are natural, easy and continually available in your kitchen! But first let’s get acquainted with the most important aesthetic benefits of rose water, then how to prepare rose water at home.


The benefits of rose water to enlarge the size of the chest

Rose water has many aesthetic benefits, especially for enlarging the size of a woman’s chest. A long time ago spread experiences of a large group of women who applied water and rose oil recipes to the chest and surprised by the impressive results. Studies have shown that rose water has a tremendous ability to enlarge the size of the chest three times its normal size in just one month. The reason is that rose water helps to improve blood circulation and blood flow to the chest, and it also helps prevent the formation of germs and bacteria on the skin. It also addresses the problem of irritation and itchy chest skin and also removes the extra sensitivity that appears under the breasts when wearing bras for long periods. Not only that, but the rose water gives the chest vitality and freshness, and it gains adequate hydration, as it protects the chest skin from cracks and wrinkles resulting from breastfeeding. All this in addition to its long-lasting aromatic scent on the body.


the way to make rose, S water at home

Bottles of unnatural rose water spread on the markets, which are of no use at the health or cosmetic level, because they contain a large percentage of water beside the rose water, so the solution becomes light and decentralized. In order to enjoy original rose water, concentration, potency, and a refreshing scent, make it more urban than any of these methods:


The first way

Soak a natural amount of rose petals in a bowl of water and leave it in the sun for two hours. After it has been well moisturized, crush it and put it in another bowl. Leave it until it changes color to pink then filter and get fresh and focused rose water.


The second way

Put the rose petals in sunlight, then put it in a blender until it melts completely, then put a few drops of water and alcohol on top of it. After the alcohol evaporates. You can buy the distillation apparatus and put a quantity of rose petals in distilled water, extract directly from the rose water.


Rose water recipes for breast augmentation

Prepare a cup of rose water and two tablespoons of fenugreek, two tablespoons of chickpeas, two tablespoons of lemon peel and two tablespoons of orange peel. Mix all of these ingredients in an appropriate saucepan and put on a low heat while continuing to stir the fire until all the ingredients are homogeneous together.


Lift the mixture from the heat and leave it for a while to calm down a little, and spread it on your chest and in circular motions nationalize the mixture with your fingers and very very gently. Leave the mixture on your chest for ten minutes and rinse your chest with lukewarm water. You can make this recipe twice a week for a month and you will notice the difference.


Another way of preparing rose water to enlarge the size of the chest is to drink rose water. This recipe prefers not to be prepared at home and make sure to buy it from the market because it is definitely subject to refining and purification processes other than what was made at home.


 Drink rose water by mixing a quarter cup of rose water into a liter of mineral water or a liter of natural juices. You can drink three cups daily at intervals of the day, meaning you can drink a cup of rose water after each month’s meal.

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