Snacks can be eaten before bed



Good sleep helps enjoy a healthy and arduous working day. Bad habits cause insomnia and prevent continuous sleep.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that eating meals rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates in the evening and before bed causes insomnia as a result of those foods containing calories that give the body energy to continue to wake up. Experts advise that dinner should include snacks and low-calorie foods to avoid symptoms of insomnia and interrupted sleep. Dr. Ahmad Ezzat, a nutritional health expert, says that the body cannot better digest food during bedtime because the stomach relaxes and produces less digestive juices, which causes food to turn into fats stored in the body. A nutritional health expert recommends that dinner be composed of vegetables and fruits because they do not contain a large percentage of calories and they are made from vegetable fiber. Here are snacks that you can eat before bed to avoid insomnia and having a graceful body.



Yogurt is a good source of the amino tryptophan acid which helps to sleep soundly and treat the problem of insomnia. A pack of yogurt has calories from 100 to 150, so this is a snack to eat at dinner to lose weight. Yogurt is characterized by its ability to break down body fat, especially the abdominal area, when eating it regularly for dinner. Dr. Ahmed Ezzat, a nutritional health expert, recommends yogurt as the dinner meal, to help him improve digestion and protect against acidity and flatulence. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that relieve the throat of bacteria that cause bad mouth odor in the morning. Yogurt is known for its high content of plant proteins that helps lower the blood pressure level in the body.


Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a healthy food rich in many antioxidants that are useful in flushing toxins from the body and losing weight. Sweet potatoes are the best natural sources of beta-carotene, which many scientific studies have proven can reduce fat from 3 to 5 grams per day. Sweet potatoes contain a percentage of natural sugar that is easy to digest and convert to the energy that the body benefits, so nutrition experts recommend them for obesity rather than sweets. Potatoes contain more than 90% of the vitamins the body needs daily. Sweet potatoes are distinguished by the fact that they contain starches that enhance sleep, in addition to containing a large percentage of potassium, which helps in relaxing the nerves and achieving a peaceful sleep.



Popcorn is characterized by its ability to enhance the feeling of satiety and contains very few calories. Dr. Ahmed Ezzat is advised to eat popcorn as a snack meal between the main meals in the event of feeling hungry to avoid giving the body calories that cause weight gain from any other food. Added it is necessary to avoid adding a lot of salt and oil to the popcorn while preparing it for healthy popcorn and low calorie intake.

Emphasized that popcorn is one of the best foods that can be eaten at dinner to avoid feeling restless. A scientific study has proven that popcorn helps reduce sugar levels and blood pressure, which gives better health for the body. SF Gate reported in a report that popcorn helps protect against bone disease because it contains a high level of calcium.

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