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Avocado benefits against obesity and diabetes


Researchers at the University of Guelph have now discovered that avocaine B (AvoB) counteracts incomplete oxidation in skeletal muscle and the pancreas to reduce insulin resistance.

In the study, mice were fed a high-fat diet for eight weeks to cause obesity and insulin resistance.

For the next five weeks, AvoB was added to a high-fat diet for groups of mice.

The study showed that the weight of the mice that received AvoB was significantly lower than the control group.

Most importantly, according to Spagnolo, the treated mice showed higher insulin sensitivity.

This means that their bodies were able to absorb and burn glucose and improve their response to insulin.

In a human clinical study, participants were administered AvoB as a dietary supplement.

Although, the team also noticed the participants’ reduced weight.

After the supplement is proven safe in humans, scientists are planning clinical trials to test the effectiveness of AvoB in treating metabolic disorders in humans.


Follow a healthy diet and exercise

The scientist said that consuming avocado on its own may be ineffective, as the amount of natural avocado B in the fruit varies widely.

It remains unclear exactly how the compound is absorbed after consuming avocados.

Although avocados have been promoted as a weight-loss food, Spagnolo says more studies are needed.

He noted that eating a healthy diet and exercising is generally recommended to prevent metabolic disorders that can lead to obesity or diabetes.

“We recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising as a solution to the problem, but for some people, it is difficult,” said doctoral student Nawaz Ahmed from the study team.


Does avocado lead to weight gain?

Eating avocado does not increase weight, as long as it is part of a healthy diet in reasonable quantities. Here we point out that, and contrary to what is rumored, avocado is one of the ideal fruits during diets aimed at losing weight, for the following reasons:


Firstly, avocados significantly increase metabolism rates, and they contribute to the production of high amounts of the hormone testosterone responsible for effective weight loss.

Second: Although it contains high levels of fats, avocados work to lose weight, as they are one of the good types of fats that contain many vitamins and nutrients, which are characterized by their ability to lower the level of cholesterol in the body, which makes it ideal for entry into any My lunch system.

Third: One of the advantages of avocado is that it naturally contains a lot of fiber, which facilitates the digestion process on the one hand, and works to resist the process of breaking down and slow carbohydrates and gives a feeling of satiety for longer periods on the other hand.

Fourth: Oleic acid is one of the essential elements that can be obtained from avocado grains, which effectively activates the sense of satiety in the brain.

Fifth: avocado is an ideal and complete nutritional meal, because it contains many vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body.

Sixth: People who eat avocados on a regular and regular basis generally and significantly get a lot of beneficial and healthy fruits and vegetables, and in return they reduce the intake of harmful added sugar.

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