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Vitamin D health benefits and most important nutritional sources


Vitamin D is one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins needed by the human body, and it is also called sun vitamin.

It is used for the body upon direct exposure to the sun through the skin. Over the past years, doctors have found it to have a very significant benefit and effective role in building bones and preventing osteoporosis. It also helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent some types of cancer and chronic diseases, especially in the elderly. Its deficiency causes increased digestive disorders, especially irritable bowel syndrome. When the vitamin D level in the body decreases, the body becomes more susceptible to infection. So, what are the most important benefits of vitamin D? What are its most important sources?


Benefits of vitamin D.

 Doctor Ratib Hakki, Consultant Clinical Nutrition and Obesity, says that there are many amazing benefits of vitamin D. It is essential for body building, especially for children. The body assists in absorbing the calcium and phosphorous elements necessary for the growth of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is found in abundance in the sun when the body is exposed to it through the skin. The first important vitamin for liver health crosses into a chemical that travels in the bloodstream to the kidneys and gives the body the necessary minerals.

Vitamin D plays an effective role in the metabolism of muscles, which affects their strength and contraction. Vitamin D deficiency causes severe muscle weakness, especially in the heart muscle. It also helps to regulate immune system responses, as its deficiency causes a major immune system disorder, leading to diabetes, bowel diseases, and rheumatism.


The damage of vitamin D deficiency in the body

Doctor Ratio Hakka continues his speech and says: “The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in the body differ according to different ages, because every age stage causes a different disease from others. Vitamin D deficiency causes a secondary deficiency of calcium in the human body even if the proportion of calcium in the body is sufficient for it. Its deficiency also causes rickets. In children, where their bones grow weak and may develop some deformities and thus curve the legs because they can no longer bear the weight of the child, it causes the softening of the adult bones and the formation of resemblances to fractures, especially in the spine, femur and humerus.

 The doctor continues his speech and says: “The bone density decreases to the degree of back curvature and muscle weakness, and it increases the risk of fractures by a large percentage, especially in the wrist and pelvis. It causes osteoporosis, which is one of the most common diseases, especially among women, and appears as a result of the body not obtaining calcium What is needed for the bones, its deficiency also causes a high incidence of cancerous diseases, cognitive delay for the elderly, and a high death rate due to cardiovascular disease.


Sources of getting vitamin D

When about the most important natural sources for obtaining vitamin D, he said: “We can get vitamin D through many sources that are around us, which helps us to prevent many diseases that we talked about before. We find vitamin D in the rays.

The sun, we only have to be exposed to direct radiation from eight in the morning until ten in the morning. It is absolutely forbidden to be exposed to it from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. “

Also, the immune system that protects the body from diseases and protects it from transmission that is capable of destroying some of the body’s tissues and lung cells that causes coughs should be strengthened and strengthened by eating salmon, sardines, and tuna rich in vitamin D. Eggs are also a rich source of vitamin D, and eating one cup of yogurt or yogurt daily can also satisfy your daily needs of that vital vitamin. Consume whale liver oil rich in vitamin D, especially during pregnancy, as it helps prevent rickets that affect children in the.

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