Tips to avoid and treat sore throats


In the winter, there are more cases of hoarseness and sore throats, and its symptoms include difficulty getting sound and speaking.

In this article gives you the most important causes and methods of treating throat infections that cause hoarseness.

-the reasons:


1- Screaming

One of the most important causes of hoarseness is screaming or also speaking for a long time, such as speaking the teacher in the classroom while explaining to students for several hours, which strains the throat and affects it.

Or raising the voice as well, this leads to a hoarseness of the voice, which makes speech unclear, because hoarseness affects the volume of the person’s voice, which is usually due to some damage to the throat, and this problem does not occur for a certain age, but it can affect all ages.

 2- Respiratory infection

A common cause of laryngitis is infection in the upper psychological system due to certain viruses, such as influenza.

3- Stomach and esophageal acidity

Stomach and esophageal acidity is also a major cause of throat infections, and allergies are also an important cause.

4- Drinking alcohol, coffee and tea

Drinking alcohol or coffee,

tea and caffeine in general, smoking and odors that irritate the chest and a persistent cough.

5- Colds

There are other reasons for hoarseness that you can control its treatment, such as strong colds that can be treated and waiting for the body to recover from cold because the sound returns to normal.

6- Trauma and emotional crises

Hoarseness may occur for several reasons that are not related to the disease, such as the cause being inorganic but rather the cause of hoarseness as a psychological cause such as trauma and emotional crises, and hoarseness is often due to the stress of the voice to speak for long periods.


-Methods of Treatment:

1- Black pepper

One of the most important treatments that can be obtained at home that helps in the treatment of hoarseness is black pepper, as it is used in the treatment of throat infections for a long time.

You can treat this by adding a little black pepper to a tablespoon of butter and used daily for three times a day until it is cured, as it can be used in another way, which is by adding black pepper to the hot water added to the lemon juice to make a mixture that treats sore throats, It is used several times daily.

2- Avoid emotion

It is also necessary to avoid sudden emotion by constant screaming, because this causes you to lose your voice due to the occurrence of infections of the throat, just as it is necessary to avoid hoarseness to stop smoking because of the resulting roughness in the voice.

3- Treatment of thyroid gland

 It is also necessary to treat the thyroid gland and avoid any neurological shock that affects the sound improperly.

4- Avoid singing loudly

It is necessary to stay away from loud singing and rest the throat and voice from stress, and it is also useful to drink a lot of water because it helps to reduce hoarseness and return the voice to normal.

5- Boosting immunity with natural vitamins

Enhance your immunity with natural vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, to avoid infection and diseases such as influenza.

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