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Bats or humans.How does Corona transmit to humans?


“Human behaviors may be the reason,” this is what experts in zoology have found about the spread of the emerging corona virus, which has killed and infected thousands in the world.

In the details, the American channel CNN quoted scientists as saying that the human destruction of places where animals live, such as forests, as well as the huge number of people who move daily, have provided an opportunity for diseases that were limited in nature to be transferred to humans.

The American Network indicated that scientists are still not sure of the source of the virus, describing the process of determining the source of “corona” as a “difficult task” because scientists will not be able to do this unless they isolate the virus alive in the suspected organisms, but some viruses similar to Corona have already found In Chinese bats, which prompted scientists to ask urgent questions about how the disease transmitted and spread in the world of bats that humans do not mix with, and the answers indicate the need to rethink how we deal with the planet, according to the channel.


The scientists added that bats are the only mammals that can fly, which allows them to spread in large numbers over a wide area, which means that they can house a large number of diseases or their causes, explaining that flying requires a large amount of activity from the bats, which makes their immune systems strong Extremely.


Andrew Cunningham, professor of wildlife epidemiology at the Society of Zoology in London, revealed that when bats fly, their body temperature mimics a fever, thereby causing pathogens that have evolved in bats to evolve, warning that the virus will likely not be affected by higher body temperature. That usually kills viruses.

“A terrifying mix”

He added that the reasons behind the spread of zoophytic diseases from bats or others have been proven to be due to human behavior, which puts pressure on these creatures by hunting or destroying the places where they live through deforestation, which makes their immune systems face a challenge, and find it more difficult to Dealing with pathogens that you carry.

Also, he explained that when some people suffer from stress and have a virus, they will be infected with the disease caused by this virus, and this can happen to bats as well, and pointed out that the market in which animals are sold in Wuhan, China, from which Corona is released, where wild animals are held together for sale as food or Pets, and here a terrifying mixture of viruses can happen, according to Cunningham.

Cunningham, in turn, pointed out that the rare cases of viruses spreading from animals to humans can turn into global problems within weeks, which is the ease of traveling through transportation, saying: “These days using transportation and airplanes, you can be in a forest in Central Africa in One day, in a city like London the next. “


Waiting for viruses

He continued: “There are tens of thousands of viruses awaiting discovery, and what we really need is to understand where there are critical control points for the spread of animals from wildlife and stop their occurrence in these places, and this will be the most cost-effective way to protect humans, as he put it.

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