Food that causes dental pain


 Many of us suffer from severe toothache when we eat certain types of foods that erode the outer enamel of the teeth or cause cavities.

 Dentists are advised to periodically examine the teeth to reduce the problems that may occur to them. Teeth are made of three layers: the first is the enamel layer that contains a large percentage of the crystal that makes it solid. The second layer consists of ivory and contains a large amount of microscopic tubes consisting of living cells while the third layer is the inner layer that the nerves and blood vessels pass through.

When eating meals that are very hot or cold, electrical activity increases in the inner layer of the teeth,

which makes us feel different degrees of pain.

 We brought you a number of foods that should be reduced to maintain healthy teeth.


 Eat sugary foods

When eating a lot of sugary foods, they work to turn sugar bacteria into acids, which erodes teeth and cavities that contribute to the occurrence of caries. Eating a piece of chocolate causes a severe feeling of pain because it contains a large amount of sugar. It works on a cavity in the teeth and the sugar reaches it, which affects the inner layer in the teeth and increases its electrical activity. Doctors advise to stay away from soft drinks, so eat sweets to prevent dental pain and the necessity of brushing teeth thoroughly with brushing and putty after finishing eating foods that contain a large amount of sugar to avoid the harmful effect on the teeth.

Drink a lot of tea and coffee

 A cup of coffee provides the body with the energy it requires because it contains a large percentage of caffeine that helps boost its activity. Drinking tea and coffee in abundance causes the body to lose about 24 milliliters of calcium, which is harmful to the health of teeth and bones. Doctors advise the need to be moderate in coffee and tea to protect against their impact on the teeth as caffeine increases the yellow color in the teeth.

French fries

Eating too much French fries increases the incidence of tooth decay because it is rich in salt and sugar. Care must be taken to keep children away from eating such foods and avoid eating chips completely, because they are more harmful than good. Doctors advise the need to rub the teeth well using a toothbrush for a period of not less than 3 minutes and not less than that until the teeth are cleaned well.


Dentists emphasized that the body and teeth are at their best if the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars is reduced because carbohydrates stimulate bacteria that live in the mouth, which destroys tooth enamel and leads to the emergence of dental cavities. Carbohydrates should not be left completely in the mouth, brushing teeth well after completing carbohydrates and sugars, and limiting eating between meals. Not to use the white type of toothpaste, because it works to grind the veneer hard and works to damage it.


 Many of us are keen to eat lemon daily because it is rich in vitamin C, which prevents disease. It is preferable to use it as a drink to protect the teeth from the influence of acid, as it is one of the foods that have high nutritional values, but excessive amounts to dental pain. Excessive use of acids in lemons leads to erosion of tooth enamel, and the salts are removed from them and become thin and prone to allergies.

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