Mistakes that destroy health and beauty


Health and beauty are very important, but you will destroy them if you ignore the advice and do those six things or one of them mentioned in the article here  Get to know them in order to avoid them


1- Insufficient sleep


Not sleeping enough time is one of the mistakes that affect human beauty.

The necessity of adequate sleep for the equivalent of 8 hours every day is called “Beaty Sleep


It is considered one of the most successful and least expensive skin treatments, so creams and lotions cannot improve any skin, regardless of its forms, to lead to the desired result if it is not supported by a calm and deep sleep.


2- Ignore drying the skin after bathing


A few people neglect the drying of the skin of the face and body overall, which is the cause of irritation of the skin and the possibility of transmission of fungal infection and thus may become evident redness and love of young men.


Therefore, experienced people urge that the skin be dried well before wearing the clothes.


3- Lack of drinking water


Drinking 8 cups of water each day is mandatory to maintain the skin, as the water helps stimulate blood circulation.


It thus ensures the access of food to all areas of the body and also helps drink water to get rid of toxins in the body and skin, which increases the skin’s luster and freshness


4- Ignore the use of sunglasses


Whether it concerns women or men, there is a need to prevent harmful sunlight


Experts say that the use of sun glasses or a sunscreen compatible with going abroad is a factor of exaggerating the medal and vice versa.


5- Strongly ignoring sport

Exercise improves blood circulation and increases the amount of food and beverages that communicate to the cells of the body through the blood.


Also, exercise cleanses the mind, calms the nerves and mood, and these reasons also affect beauty.


Not following a healthy, regular diet

A healthy nutritional framework does not mean consuming foods free of sugar or fat or containing only the main food ingredients.


But eating food at regular times also is at the heart of this matter, which is something that most people ignore and affect their beauty

Destroying your skin:


We know well that direct exposure to the sun for long hours damages our skin, yet we continue to burn our skin in order to give it a “tan color”, as it exposes you to harmful rays that may cause premature aging and worse than that.




If you do not know that smoking is bad, or even fatal, then you live in another world full of naive and negligent killers, the harmful effects of smoking, for example, and not limited to; lung and throat cancer, premature aging, abortion and others that exceed the seriousness of the mentioned damages.


 Weight loss:


It is known that thinness is important and desirable, but losing weight is only through getting rid of very extra weight or when we notice this increase in weight in a very short period, and we must know very well that the extra thin is also not desirable.


 Avoid going to the doctor:

One of the naive mistakes of men and women alike is the fear of going to the doctor except in the case of diseases, but the most important thing is to go to the doctor at regular times to discover and prevent damage before it occurs and spread.


 Not enough sleep


It is strange that doctors have been advising us for many years of the necessity of sleeping for at least eight hours, yet negligence in the number of hours of adequate sleep and going to bed late is these are the main causes of diseases of the times

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