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All you need to know about laser hair removal

During this period, women resort to many traditional methods of hair removal, including waxing, sweetness, or hair removal creams and many others that cause women to feel severe pain, which requires time and effort and sometimes the result is not satisfactory for many, so a very large number of women began resorting to The method of laser hair removal and the abandonment of painful traditional methods, given the benefits of laser hair removal.


Through this article, we will provide you with everything related to laser hair removal, just follow us, madam.



What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the methods of modern medicine to get rid of excess and unwanted hair. Laser depends on the removal of annoying hair on stopping the melanin cells located under the skin as it causes hair to grow from its roots. It weakens them greatly, and thus prevents hair from appearing and stops growth on the skin completely in many areas of the body, including the armpit, face, legs, arms, and the back and abdomen area as well.




How laser hair removal is done

The laser hair removal process is done by anesthetizing the area where the excess hair is removed by a local anesthesia cream. After the skin is applied with this cream, the doctor or an expert in the laser field begins directing the laser device to the skin area from which the hair is to be removed and the laser light is shed on it As the device moves to all parts of the area, this process will continue for a few minutes. Laser hair removal requires several sessions and the number depends on the large number of hair and the proportion of its thickness and length, which varies from one region to another, as the hair in the legs area differs from the armpit and from facial hair.




Laser hair preparation tips

There are some steps that must be taken before preparing for a laser hair removal session and some guidelines during and after the session is completed.




1 – Before the session: Before undergoing a laser hair removal session, you must completely stop, dear hair removal, by waxing or straightening weeks before the session, because removing hair in these ways works to remove hair completely from its roots, and this does not require laser technology as it needs the hair roots in order The laser light is shed on it in order for the hair to be removed and its growth destroyed. You also need to undergo a laser hair removal session not to be exposed to sunlight 6 weeks ago, because the sun weakens the effectiveness of the laser when removing hair.




2- During the session: During the presence during the laser hair removal session, protective glasses must be worn on the eye in order to protect them from laser rays that harm the eye, and a cold gel must be put on the area from which the hair is removed and a ladder in order to protect the outer layers of the skin from Laser penetration of the skin. The specialist doctor is trying to place the laser on the skin in order to make sure that there are no complications on the skin, because there are some types of skin that do not tolerate the lasers and do not respond to them.




3- After the session: After completing the laser hair removal session, ice packs are placed on the area from which the hair was removed by laser beams in order to reduce swelling and redness that affects the skin. Avoid using any scents, deodorants, or not using hot baths after a laser session after at least 48 hours have passed. You can shower with lukewarm water for a week after completing the session. Avoid exposure to sunlight. When determining for the next laser session, you should wait at least 4 or 6 weeks from the previous session.



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