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Tips to ensure the success of your diet




It causes excessive eating without calculating an increase in weight by 85%, and then the occurrence of obesity over time, which may be difficult at the time to get rid of it and the loss of accumulated fat in the body, and that heredity is one of the most important factors of obesity also when there is a family history of obesity in the parents.

But whatever the reasons leading to your weight gain, treatment is necessary to ensure the general health of the body, and not to suffer from other diseases due to excess weight and entering mazes that may be difficult to get out of after that.

In this article, I give you the most important tips to ensure success and regularity in your diet.


Diversify your food :

If you want to continue with your diet, you must diversify and renew in the food that you eat every day, in order to make sure you get the required percentage of vitamins, calcium and mineral salts that your body needs from various nutrients. Also, diversifying you in the portions that you eat daily will encourage you to continue the diet system in a pleasant way, without getting bored.


Increase the percentage of dietary fiber

Foods rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are light foods and calories and require more time to chew and increase the size of meals, which makes us feel full without increasing the calories.


Make a specific plan before shopping :

Bring the paper and pen and start writing a list of your nutritional needs that you want to purchase before leaving the house, and try not to buy anything extra from outside this list. Avoid buying when you are hungry, because this will lead you to choose additional unhealthy and unwanted foods, and your body will not benefit from it, but it may harm him more or cause you obesity.


Take care to drink water all day :

Water represents 2/3 of body weight, so we cannot deny its many benefits to it, and try as much as possible to drink large quantities of water throughout the day and gradually, so we do not wait until we feel thirsty. Also, nutritionists advise you to drink fresh natural juices also daily.

No diet regimen does not contain two cups of water before every meal to ensure the full health of our bodies

 And because the lack of fluids in the body causes internal and external dehydration that is reflected on the skin

Which also makes us feel tired exhausted and turnover, so we believe that these symptoms are due to the diet regime itself,

 And we neglect the important role of water in the success of any healthy and integrated dieting system.


Good sleep :

Do not fall asleep at 11 o’clock at night. Rather, arrange your sleep times and wake you up, so sleep is considered very beneficial for weight loss and increased activity, especially between the hours of eleven p.m. and four o’clock in the morning.

Don’t skip breakfast :

Breakfast is the most important of the three daily meals, as it provides the body with the energy you need throughout the day, after a long period of food outages during sleep at night. That is why you must keep eating a healthy and balanced breakfast, so do not hesitate to eat this meal in the morning, because this will lead to feeling hungry during the day. So it is best to eat breakfast as soon as you wake up from sleep, for example a cup of low-fat or low-fat milk, with a piece of diet, a boiled egg or a piece of cheese, and do not forget to eat sugar-free tea or coffee or use other sugar substitutes.

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