Methods and steps for cleaning the skin of various kinds


Social networking sites and programs for women are filled with many tips and ideas for skin cleansing and care, some of which are really useful, while applying some of them may lead to great losses for your skin.

Through this topic, we will shed light on ways and steps to cleanse the skin properly, according to the type of skin and the best suitable ingredients and preparations for it.


Types of skin cleaning products:

Soap: It contains natural elements to clean the surface of the skin, but it also includes in its composition some chemical elements that cause the surface of the skin to break and dry

Lotion: It works to rid the skin of dirt, remnants of makeup and additional oils, but it does not reach the inner cells of the surface of the skin

Cream: It is characterized by its dense texture that reaches the inner layers of leather, cleaning it and preserving its freshness

Some products are foamy, such as soap and some types of lotions, and they require washing the skin with water later to remove the foam, and some are similar in texture to oils and moisturizing creams. You do not need to wash the skin with water, but it is sufficient to massage the skin with a piece of cotton moistened with liquid or cream lotion


Skin cleaning methods and steps … a comprehensive file for all skin types


Clean skin according to its type

How to properly clean dry skin

You have to moisturize it frequently to prevent itching, redness and inflammation of its surface. Use warm rather than hot water to wash your skin, and use glycerin-rich soap. Use a soft cotton towel to gently dry your skin.


How to properly clean normal skin

Do not over-wash your skin with soap, as it may dry out. Use a soap that contains Almond oil. Clean your skin twice daily to prevent skin exposure to spots and melasma.


How to properly clean oily skin

First, the skin must be washed with lukewarm water at least three times a day to rid the skin of excess oils that may cause acne and dark spots on its surface.

As well as choosing a lotion or soap designed to clean oily skin, so that it works to tighten the pores and prevent the leakage of additional layers of oils on the surface of the skin, which give it an unpleasant shine.

Skin cleaning methods and steps … a comprehensive file for all skin types!


Skin cleaning steps

For those with dry skin: Wash your skin in the morning with a moisturizing lotion intended for dry skin, preferably those that do not need to wash the skin with water afterwards or wipe it with a towel so that the delicate skin surface is not affected.

And use a moisturizing mask twice a week, as it contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as oney, almond oil, rose water and jojoba.


For those with normal skin: Wash your face twice daily, morning and evening, using a cleanser intended for normal skin.

Use a moisturizing mask designed for your skin two to three times a week, and there is no objection to using the peeling mask once a week or three times per month, and therefore to remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin and revitalize it by showing cells that give freshness and use moisturizer afterwards.

For those with oily skin: Wash your skin several times a day with a lotion intended for oily skin, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate.

And use peeling masks once a week, but stay away from types that open pores or are rich in chemicals that may cause dark spots and acne on the surface of your skin.



Skin cleaning methods and steps … a comprehensive file for all skin types!

Clean the skin at home with natural mixtures and masks

The best natural mask to clean dry skin

Oatmeal and jojoba oil mask: Mix a teaspoon of jojoba oil with an identical tablespoon of fine oats. Add a teaspoon of milk and an identical spoonful of rose water.

Mix the mixture well until it becomes creamy, then spread it on your skin and leave it for a quarter of an hour, then gently wash your face with warm water.


The best natural mask to cleanse oily skin

Cucumber and tomato mask: because they control the proportion of oils produced by the skin and remove dirt. To prepare the mask, mash two cucumbers and one tomato until you get a soft paste. Now spread the mixture on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash the skin with lukewarm water.


The best mask for cleaning normal skin

Wheat and egg bran mask: Mix the contents of one egg with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of wheat bran, and mix the mixture well, then massage it onto your skin and leave it for about 15 minutes, then wash it again with lukewarm water.

Skin cleaning methods and steps … a comprehensive file for all skin types!



How to properly clean the skin with creams

If your skin is dry: stay away from a cream rich in chamomile because it causes friction and apply a moisturizing cream as soon as you finish showering so that your skin absorbs it quickly and stays fresh for longer.

Stay away from alcohol-rich products as they increase dry skin and make it feel very rough.


If you have normal skin: Choose products rich in tea extract to moisturize the skin. It is also preferable to choose types that contain yogurt and milk to provide your skin with the oils it needs to remain hydrated and soft.

And if you have oily skin: choose products that tighten the skin and clog pores.



Skin cleaning methods and steps … a comprehensive file for all skin types!

Skin cleaning tips

There are general tips that must be followed when cleaning the skin in general, and they are as follows:


Choose soft cotton balls to massage the skin and soft towels to dry it after you finish washing it.

Gently massaging the surface of the skin in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow to the face and avoid wilting, dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

Use fresh mashed fruits to clean sensitive skin.

Washing skin with warm water instead of hot or cold water because they strip the skin of its essential oils

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