An American company announces the completion of a vaccine for the Corona virus


British newspaper “The Sun” revealed that the genetic engineering company in Texas has officially finished developing a vaccine against the Corona virus.

Scientists at Greffex Inc said they finished developing the vaccine this week.

However, it may take up to two years before the vaccine is available for use, and it will now begin animal testing before human trials begin.

The vaccine is the result of an $ 18.9 million contract awarded to Grifex in September 2019 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the US National Institutes of Health, with the goal of fighting infectious threats.

The British company The Native Antigen Company had previously announced the start of commercial production of new antigens that can treat the Corona virus. The company succeeded in producing a vaccine extracted from the Corona strain that appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Researchers from the Imperial College in London said they had started experiments in mice to develop vaccines against the Corona virus, as the researchers hope to reach their goal by the end of this year.

And the researcher at “Imperial College” Paul McKay said that the team injected the bodies of mice with the vaccine that they developed using bacteria, and the interaction of these mice will be determined and their response in the coming weeks.

The researchers at “Imperial College” hope to be the first to conduct clinical trials in humans and succeed in developing a vaccine.

New York Governor Andrew Como announced Thursday that the state’s closure would be extended until May 15, but as he reviewed data indicating improved conditions, he added, “We must continue to do what we do.”

“I would like to see the incidence of injuries drop even further,” Como said in the daily briefing, noting that 606 people died as a result of the 19th Covid infection in the state, at the lowest toll in 10 days.

Repelling, responding and accusations are still prevalent between China and America regarding the responsibility of spreading the Corona virus around the world, which has claimed thousands of lives and affected more than two million people around the world today.

After the American and international scene is again occupied with a laboratory or institute of virology in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the birthplace of the epidemic, which is only miles away from the market, the focus of the spread of COVID 19, according to American reports attributed to intelligence officials doubts about the origin and separation of the virus, the words of the Minister of Defense came The American, Mark Esper Thursday, made matters worse.

Esber believed that Chinese leaders were misleading and obfuscating about the outbreak of the Corona virus, which originated there, adding that he did not trust even their sincerity now.

Continuing to criticize the Trump administration for China’s handling of the crisis, Esber said in an interview that he finds it difficult to believe information from the Communist Party of China, adding, “They are misleading us, keeping it secret in the early days of this virus. So I don’t have much confidence even that they are telling us the truth now.” “.

Pompeo fed the suspicions raised during an interview on Wednesday evening. He said in an interview with Fox News after a daily conference on Trump about the developments of Corona in the country, “We know that this virus originated in Wuhan, China, and the Institute of Virology is not far from it, it is just a few Only miles from the market, that’s what we know. “

“We want the Chinese government to be clear and help with an accurate explanation of how the virus has spread,” he said, adding: “The Chinese government should recognize.”

The comments came despite the fact that the US Secretary had earlier eased these accusations earlier Wednesday, calling on China to cooperate on Corona, in talks with a senior Chinese official, in a sign of seeking to ease renewed tensions between the two countries.

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