Tips for women with normal skin in the summer



Today we will provide important tips for women with normal skin in the summer to protect them from burns, dryness and allergies, which arise mainly when exposed to the scorching rays of the sun in the summer.

Tips for women with normal skin in the summer:

Clean your skin on a daily basis, and you may be surprised that your normal skin has increased oily, so you should double your attention to cleaning during this period.

Cool your skin before exposure to the sun and after exposure to it, by passing a piece of ice over it, and then gently drying the face and applying sunscreen, which should be of reliable quality and have high degrees suitable for the area.


Apply sunblock on all open places on your body without exception, and the protection factor in it must not be less than 50% and be broad-spectrum, as well as be waterproof so that it does not disappear upon contact with water. To get an optimal result, apply it half an hour before leaving the house to be well absorbed, and also do not forget to use the protection cream every day, whether in the car or if you are working or sitting next to the window, as well as reapplying the sunblock two hours after applying it for the first time and with the same amount first, especially In the case of swimming in water and heavy sweating or washing the face.

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Choose the right beauty products that do not contain oils that cause burns in the sun. There are sun protection products mixed with foundation cream. Use strong degrees of it and of reliable quality for double protection and for the cosmetic result you want.


Make sure as much as possible to wear long, uncovered, light-colored and cotton clothes, at least when exposed to the sun, so always take a light cotton jacket with long sleeves with you to wear it when needed.

Apply natural masks and creams that reduce the effects of the sun on your skin, for example mix a cup of sodium bicarbonate in a bathtub and then soak yourself in the sink for 30 minutes, and then gently dry your body.

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Exfoliate twice a week to replenish cells and get rid of the dirt and dust that accumulate in the summer.

Follow these tips that we gave you and enjoy normal skin without being wonderful in the summer.

Normal skin is ideal as it is well balanced in terms of sebum production, and is delicate, hydrated and soft to the touch. Also, the pores of this skin are narrow and free from impurities such as blackheads and acne.

Despite its idealism, it needs care to maintain its health and freshness because it tends to dry out at age and neglect may cause premature wrinkles around the eyes, dark spots around the mouth and the appearance of dark circles.


Here are some tips for regular skin care to keep and protect it:

1- Removing makeup is the first step of a skin care routine. Sleeping before removing make-up causes dark circles to appear, and sleeping without removing mascara causes redness and puffiness of the eyes. Some women tend to put a new layer of makeup on top of the previous makeup, and this causes layers of makeup to accumulate on top of each other and reduces the ability of the skin to breathe, which is an unhealthy habit.


2- Washing the face with the appropriate cleanser, massage the lotion to enhance blood circulation, and use a soft towel to dry the face by touching gently on the skin and not by pressing on the face hard.


3- Use toner after washing the face, to remove the rest of the residue on the skin, as it softens the skin, and avoid using it around the eyes to avoid irritation.


4- Use moisturizing day and night creams, apply an amount the size of a bean and do not increase the cream, massage your face using your fingertips gently and lightly.


5- Perform a weekly protein exfoliation to get rid of dead cells, and also to allow the pores and skin to breathe.


6- Of course, pay attention to the foods that you eat, and do not neglect to drink liquids and water, especially in sufficient quantities to moisturize the skin, as taking care of your body from the inside clearly shows your appearance from the outside.

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