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Tips to enjoy a cold and flu-free winter


Although many people enjoy the winter and the atmosphere of a Roman that can be lived, some people suffer from a feeling of extreme cold during the winter, causing them to suffer with the cold.

In this article reviews a list of tips that you can take to enjoy a warm and pleasant winter that you can go out and hike with your friends and family.

Heavy clothes

One of the necessary things that you have to do in the winter to maintain your body temperature and avoid exposure to colds and flu is to wear appropriate clothes in order to avoid exposure to cold, so it is advised to know the temperature before going down to wear clothes appropriate to the temperature.

To ensure the required warmth in the winter, you should close the windows to avoid cold air leaking into the room, but be sure to open the windows from time to time to ventilate the house and remove the air and replace it with another new air until you inhale a new oxygen-rich air.

Go out for the sun

Exposing the body to the sun on a daily basis is one of the health matters recommended by doctors and skin care experts due to its multiple benefits, but you should avoid exposure to the sun’s rays, and you can do this by opening the windows in the morning or when the sun is perpendicular to the window, this is the most important reasons for heating in the winter So, be sure to do this to warm your body and make sure the sun enters your home, so sunlight plays a big role in killing bacteria and pathogens that cause disease.

Winter drinks

One of the great things that many people prefer in the winter is eating winter drinks, such as hot chocolate, which supplies the body with heat that helps it to face the cold, so it is advised to eat hot drinks that you prefer, such as coffee or chocolate, and you can also drink different herbal drinks to protect from extreme cold.

Skin care creams

For heating, use skincare creams because they contain a greasy substance that prevents coldness from escaping into the skin of the body. Skin care creams can be used to protect against severe cold.

Light the candles

In the light of candles, you can enjoy a warm winter romantic night without feeling cold, and you can do this by distributing candles throughout your room and closing lamps to enjoy in this romantic atmosphere a movie that you prefer to watch, but you must be careful not to make candles fall on the fabrics so that this does not cause Any harm.

Do not miss breakfast, as it provides the body with the energy needed to start the day with vigor and vitality, and helps you avoid eating fast foods while you are outside the home. Choose a warm meal for breakfast, such as oatmeal with milk or water, and a serving of fresh or dried fruit.

Avoid foods and drinks containing processed sugar, as they weaken your immunity and increase your weight, which makes you more likely to catch a cold and flu. Replace this with the natural sugar in the fruit, and resort to dark chocolate if you like sweets, as they contain small amounts of sugar compared to others.

More than garlic, the sulfur compounds present in it increase the strength of two important types of cells within the immune system (read: prevention of colds and flu), they specifically help in dealing with colds, and you can also benefit from the benefits of garlic raw or cooked.

More than foods rich in zinc, Due the ability of zinc to treat weakened immunity.


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