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Gain weight fast and get a healthy look with simple tips

Dear reader, if you suffer from a noticeable decrease in weight or extra slimness, you may be wondering about how to gain weight quickly and healthily that does not result in health concerns, so follow the following tips that will help you gain weight quickly and with a guaranteed result.

Quick weight gain tips

Here are some tips that can help you gain weight quickly, including:

Frequent eating

If you are thin and want to gain weight quickly, the first thing to do is to repeat five to six meals a day instead of two or three, especially if you feel full quickly.

Eat nutrient-rich foods

Eat foods that are full of nutrients and healthy calories, such as whole wheat bread, cereals, seeds, low-fat proteins, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and nuts.

Eat juices and fruit smoothies

Replacing sodas and sweetened sugary drinks such as low-value coffee and tea with unrefined smoothies with adding healthy calories and sweetening them with honey or bananas, and fresh or frozen fruits, while adding some dark leafy vegetables, such as spinach or avocado, with adding protein powder, or A little oatmeal and flaxseed after being crushed.

Drinks outside of meal

It is necessary to separate eating food and drinking juices and fruit scrambled to avoid weakening appetite, and it is advised to drink it after half an hour after eating meals to avoid fullness before eating the meal.

Eat snacks

Snacks rich in healthy calories like peanut butter and unsweetened fruit juices, or popcorn, cheese slices, steaks, avocados, dried fruits, and lean meats are among the best snacks to eat between meals.

Doing exercise

Exercise increases the body’s ability to metabolize food, which means taking advantage of food. It also increases the appetite to eat more food, but you should pay attention to that cardio exercises get rid of extra calories, which may prevent weight loss, so depend on resistance exercises more. .

You must add more calories depending on the intensity of the exercise, and make sure to snacks, or energy drinks prepared at home calorie-rich to replace the lost calories.

Additional tips to gain weight quickly

There are many additional quick tips to follow when you want to gain weight quickly and easily, including the following:

Not to drink water before meals.

Sometimes replacing water with whole milk to quench thirst and add some extra calories.

Use larger dishes because smaller plates reduce the desire to eat more.

Add cream to the coffee.

Take keratin and protein supplements.

Eat protein and calorie-rich foods before vegetables.

Increase the nutritional value of meals

Some high-calorie intense calories can be added to special meals and dishes such as scrambled eggs, fat-free milk powder to juices, soup instead of cooking cream, adding cheese to eggs and salads, adding steaks, peanut butter, nuts and seeds.


Eat sugars and free meals from time to time

By adding some sugary meals such as ice cream and sandwiches, or pancakes such as apple pie, but it is preferable to prepare them in healthy ways and sweeten them with bananas and honey and add seeds, or make yogurt ornaments with dried or fresh fruits, add seeds and oats, sweeten them with honey, or make pies and granola whole grains.

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