Tips for eliminating nail fungus





Did any of your nails turn yellow? Nail color change may indicate nail fungi infection and statistics indicate that a large number of people get fungi in the toenails. Treating fungi is a little difficult, especially if the immune system is weak or taking some medications. We will talk about some tips that will help you eliminate fungi.


1- Identify the injury

Common in fungi infection is the appearance of a yellow color or a white spot on the edges of the nails and then makes its way under the nail because this region is a fertile environment for the growth of fungi, then some symptoms such as lines on the nails begin and nail thickness begins to increase. Sometimes the nail cracks and falls out. If you see any of these symptoms, you should go to the doctor immediately.


2- Take care to dry hands and feet

Fungi prefer dark humid areas, so be sure to dry your toes after each exposure. Also socks and rubber gloves make the environment suitable for the growth of fungi so they should be exchanged wearing day after day with good ventilation. You should buy an anti fungal powder and spray it on your feet before wearing socks and sprinkling some inside the shoes.


3- Cleansing the socks

When washing socks,

 apply antiseptic solution to rinsing water to eliminate fungi, because the fungi travel through the socks to make you infected again, and so on.


4- Protecting nails from breakage

When you collide with things and break your nails, this opens the field for fungi to infiltrate under your nails. You must keep your nails as healthy as possible.


5- Raise the strength of the immune system

Strong immune system eliminates fungi You should eat foods that increase the efficiency of the immune system, which contains zinc and vitamin A.


Foot fungi: Foot fungi are a disease that many people suffer from. Therefore, many people use medicinal plants to treat human and animal fungi, especially garlic solution, because they contain a substance that inhibits the growth of the fungus. Garlic has been used since ancient times to treat snake bites, arthritis, abdominal pain, and skin diseases. It has an insect-repelling effect and parasites, it is a virus killer, and has an anti-fungal skin effect. Symptoms associated with nail fungi are nail pain.


 The natural color of the nail varies, and is yellow or brown in black, and may contain white matter. The nail appearance changes to a rough texture, contains scales, and thickens.


 The presence of a strange odor around the nail. Garlic powder for treating fungi Garlic has many therapeutic properties, but its distinctive taste and distinct smell resulting from sulfur compounds may not be liked by many people for its use. Garlic has many properties that help in improving human health and the most important of them: It helps in killing fungi and sterilizing their place by squeezing garlic and placing it directly on the place of the fungus.

 Massage the place of the mushroom with garlic to help get rid of the mushroom.


  Garlic and fenugreek powder helps get rid of foot fungus. It is prepared by mixing equal quantities of garlic and fenugreek seeds, and boiling them for ten minutes. Then the mixture is cooled and dipped in the nails where the fungi are located. Mix a teaspoon of garlic powder with a little tea tree oil, and put the mixture on the place of the mushroom to help get rid of nail fungus. Prepare a water bath for nails, by placing ten cloves in a quantity of warm water


 Nails are soaked in the mixture for a quarter of an hour. This bath has sterile and antiseptic properties for the foot, and helps eliminate fungi. Mix equal components of crushed walnut shells with garlic powder, then put the mixture on the place of the fungus, as it has a stronger effect on the fungus than chemotherapy.

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