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Anti-Corona Labs announces positive results



Restless work in science laboratories around the world, with the goal of creating a vaccine that allows the Corona virus to be contained. With the passing of days, positive signals began in some laboratories, so who would achieve the precedent of saving humanity from one of the most dangerous viruses in recent history?

After the Corona pandemic reached critical levels that led many countries to declare a state of emergency, close borders and prevent gatherings, creating a vaccine against this virus has become extremely vital in order to save the world from a humanitarian crisis that has not occurred for generations. Several laboratories have announced that they are moving in the right direction to find the vaccine. Here is a look at the most important effort across the world:


In Europe :

Germany has been known for the strength of its scientific laboratories in the pharmaceutical and medical drugs industry, which prompted the administration of US President Donald Trump to try to attract the German company Crevice to work for it, after reports that the company is approaching the development of a vaccine against the virus, according to the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag”. “.


But the German response was firm, including what Foreign Minister Haikou Maas said that his country would not allow others to take the results of German scientists ’research, and that defeating the virus must be done collectively.


In the French city of Lyon, the VirPath laboratory is actively working to find a drug that treats the virus. But the laboratory is not looking to issue a drug with new ingredients, as it re-uses drugs on the market against infectious diseases, especially since this method has already given results in the past, which led the laboratory management to describe ongoing research as “ambitious.”


According to the third regional station on French television, the laboratory has been working since the beginning of the crisis to search for components that are already present in about 1500 drugs used in the world as a whole to treat several diseases, as the laboratory performs analyzes on the human respiratory system, specifically on the cells that the Corona virus reaches , And the laboratory has asked the French authorities to allow it to conduct clinical testing of patients in critical cases.

Within Italy, the epicenter of the virus’s spread in Europe, Takis and Aviva, the drug and drug development company, are very active in developing the appropriate vaccine.


In the United States :

Several drug and real estate companies in the United States are working to develop the vaccine, including some announcing joint plans. The country has already begun testing a clinical vaccine for the first participant, and it is related to experiments conducted by the Kaiser Permanent Institute for Health Research in Washington, with funding from the National Institute of Health, according to the Associated Press, but the experiments will not end in a day or two, or even a month, as he says Health experts say that any possible vaccine against the virus will only be approved after a year or even a year and a half.


In Australia :

However, the laboratory work in Australia has apparently gone a long way, and researchers from the city of Brisbane said they are already on their way to finding a cure for this virus. “7news” reported that two drugs had already stopped the virus inside the laboratory. Professor David Patterson, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Queensland, and one of the test supervisors, stated that the two drugs are effective, but research is ongoing to find out which is better.

It is related to a drug that treats malaria, another which is prescribed to AIDS patients, and the two drugs that defeated the SK virus during laboratory experiments, but without human trials it is not possible to confirm the absolute effectiveness of the two drugs. Therefore, the researchers of the aforementioned university are working with the hospitals to conduct these experiments, and if they succeed, it is possible, within three months, to announce the final result. However, the obstacle is not only the time, but also the money for experiments, as researchers need approximately 750 thousand dollars to fund the process.

In Canada :

Several laboratories in this country are studying the epidemic, but one of the experiments is interesting, as a researcher and his daughter are working to find the appropriate vaccine. Prince David Kelvin, 65, is a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, and his daughter Alison Kevlin, 39, is a specialist. In virology, both work at Dalhousie University, Canadian sites have quoted the local news agency.

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