Your guide to maintaining the freshness of normal skin


Normal skin needs special care and a certain routine like all different skin types, and maintaining its youthfulness requires some simple steps. All women dream of having beautiful healthy skin, and sometimes you do not find the time to resort to cosmetic sessions, or to visit beauty and beauty care centers. Therefore, we offer you a set of simple solutions that you can adopt if you are a normal skin type, all very easy, and effective results struggle with fresh skin as you want:


Keeping the skin clean

One of the most important steps that should be part of a daily skin care routine is cleaning the skin in the morning and in the evening. You don’t need a lot of cosmetics and natural mixtures. You can cleanse your skin with water with the cleansing products suitable for your skin type.


Clean the skin with lukewarm water

Although cleaning the skin is very important, be careful to clean it using lukewarm water, and avoid hot water as much as possible, because hot water causes the skin to dry out and lose its moisture.


Exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells

Exfoliating the skin is part of the routine of cleaning and caring for the skin, and it is recommended three to four times a day to help your skin to get rid of dead cells and regeneration. You can choose from exfoliating skin care products, or use natural mixtures such as brown sugar that exfoliate and moisturize the skin well.


Natural blends to rejuvenate the skin

After cleansing, it is recommended to adopt natural blends to renew the skin and increase its freshness and vitality. Since your skin type is normal skin, a mixture of honey and banana can be used. Mix the ingredients together well and put the mixture on the skin and leave it for twenty minutes. You can follow this routine one to two times a week.


Moisturizing the skin

After showering and cleaning the skin with water, it is always recommended to moisturize it, and in this way you help the skin to maintain its moisture. You can adopt moisturizing creams suitable for your skin type, or adopt natural oils that provide effective moisturizing results, such as almond oil and coconut oil.


Drink enough water and eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is one of the most important things that help restore and maintain skin’s youthfulness, because the skin needs nutritious minerals and vitamins to renew its cells. Do not forget that drinking adequate amounts of water on a daily basis is also one of the main things that give you a glowing complexion.

A natural peeling can be done for normal skin to remove dead skin using yogurt or lemon, according to Zulfiqar, indicating that it can be done once every two or three weeks if the skin is normal and does not suffer from problems. Chemical peeling can be used, but every period rather than periodically. Like other types, because it gives it more youthfulness and helps remove dead skin, clean pores and stimulate cells to produce other new cells.


Natural masks

Natural masks add more softness and freshness to the skin, and one of the best natural masks for normal skin, according to what Suleiman explained: Milk Mask: Add an egg with lemon juice to 4 tablespoons of skimmed dry milk, mix well and then put it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash Gently strawberry mask: Mix an egg yolk with a spoonful of lemon juice and two large strawberries with half a spoonful of honey and half a spoonful of milk, then apply on the face for 15 minutes and then wash well.


Helpful antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the most important elements that benefit the skin, so Dr. advises eating foods rich in them, chiefly vegetables and fruits, noting that sometimes they can be taken in the form of tablets for certain periods, and she also advises against excessive intake of carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches. that drinking water helps moisturize the skin, and spinach and nuts are among the most important foods that contain antioxidants, as well as foods rich in omega-3, especially fish.

Enough sleep

Dr. Recommends the need to get enough sleep, as the secretion of hormones and certain substances useful for the skin, and not getting enough amount threatens the freshness of the skin.

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