Corona interval and symptoms



How long is the injury and the onset of symptoms?

If someone is infected with the new virus, the first symptoms usually appear after five to six days, according to the World Health Organization. However, there are individual cases where the incubation period of the virus can last for up to 14 days. Therefore, people with suspected quarantine should be placed for up to two weeks.


Who are the people most at risk?

Figures in China show that older adults are more likely to die from the virus. Scientists have studied and evaluated nearly 1,000 deaths, showing that people over 60 are particularly at risk. However, this fact should be taken with caution, as it may relate to a high probability of the pathological precedents of those involved, according to the World Health Organization. These include, in the first place, high blood pressure, heart and lung disease, cancer or diabetes. This may be one of the reasons behind the deaths in China among those over 60 years old. The study also showed that men are now more vulnerable to the virus than women.


According to the World Health Organization, children were not infected, except in limited cases, with the new virus. The reason for this is still vague, although some doctors assume that the Coronavirus is less able to bind to certain receptors in children.


Are there anti-retroviral drugs?

To date, there is no effective drug against the virus, as many people have mild symptoms (about 80 percent of the cases reported) and they do not need treatment at all. According to a first study from China, only less than five percent of cases can be described as critical. Here, symptoms of the disease can be alleviated, but there is still no drug that will completely eliminate it.


When will the emerging anti-virus vaccine be released?

Researchers are working in full swing around the world to develop a vaccine against the virus. However, it is almost certain that there will be no vaccine available to everyone before the end of this year. In Germany, several research laboratories have rushed time in Mar burg, Munich and Tubingen to develop an anti-virus vaccine. So far, there are no studies that have reached the clinical stage. This means that no one is currently experimenting with humans. But experiments are limited to animals only.


What happens to the Corona virus in warm or hot weather?

It is still too early to know how the Corona virus interacts with hot weather, and if known, from other corona viruses, it spreads very slowly in warm environments. It is believed that the cause lies in the ultraviolet rays that are stronger in the warmer months that reduce the duration of viruses in the air or on surfaces, where many fluids are lost and die. In general, it can be assumed that hot weather may result in fewer HIV infections.


What is the ability of the virus to survive on surfaces?

We still lack accuracy to determine how long the Corona virus remains alive on surfaces. But we know that corona viruses are covered. Experts therefore assume that the virus is able to survive and infect for four days on various surfaces. The Robert Koch Institute believes that the primary transmission method is through the respiratory system. Thus infection is unlikely, for example, by imported goods such as food, toys, gadgets, computers, etc.


Can the infection spread to domestic pets?

The new Corona virus is believed to be from the bat, and thus is initially able to survive and thrive in the internal organs of animals. The transmission of the virus from humans to pets has not yet been established. There is only one unconfirmed case in South Korea.


German Ministry of Health recommendations for virus prevention:

Wash your hands regularly and carefully

Coughing and sneezing in the armpit by raising the arm.

Keep away from patients

Throw the tissue immediately after use, in a closed waste bin

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