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Global Health publishes Corona’s research report to you on what scientists have found



Since the outbreak of the corona virus that has known the world known as Covid-19 began, the World Health Organization has sent 25 scientists to China for research and studies on the virus.

The scientists published the most important results that they reached in a report, and the results included how the disease spread and the people most vulnerable.

The researchers also found that children are less likely to be infected with the virus.

The WHO published a summary of the most important findings of the scientists on the virus:


Average age of the injured :

Approximately 55.9524 confirmed cases of infection in China as of February 20, the average age of the injured was 51 years, and the majority of injuries was 77.8%.

Scientists are unanimously agreed that the Corona virus is an animal virus, after the establishment of several genetics analyzes conducted with the genome sequence

Full available, the results are that the bat is the source of the virus.


Transfer methods :

Corona virus infection is transmitted from the infected person through the spray that results from sneezing or coughing from the infected person and unprotected contact with the infected, and so far there is no

Any evidence confirming to scientists the transmission of the virus through the spread of air


The report pointed out that there are as yet no methods of immunity against the virus and that there is no immunity by humans, and that everyone is vulnerable to infection, despite

The presence of factors when some play a role in increasing the rate of exposure to infection, such as chronic diseases and reduced immunity, as well as pregnant women and smokers.


Family injuries :

The report indicates that human-to-human transmission has spread widely among families, with 78% to 85% of those affected

Cases of infection included more than one family member.

Children and Corona virus :

According to the report, people under the age of 18 are the least likely to be infected with the virus, and all reported infections

In this age group, only 2.4% of all cases occurred.

Scientists will not be able to determine the extent of infection among children and what role children play in transmission.


The quality of the symptoms :

Corona virus symptoms can range from an asymptomatic infection to the emergence of acute pneumonia, and scientists have indicated that the symptoms

On average, it begins 5 to 6 days after infection and can extend up to 14 days.


Symptoms included in more than 55,000 infections:


Fever (87.9%)

Dry cough (67.7%)

Dyspepsia (18.6%)

Fatigue (38.1%)

Sore throat (13.9%)

Headache (13.6%)

Muscle and joint pain (14.8%)

Chills (11.4%)

Nausea (5.0%)

Nasal congestion (4.8%)

Diarrhea (3.7%)

Hemophiliacs (0.9%)

Conjunctiva hypermedia (0.8%)

The scientists pointed out that about 80% of the people who were afflicted suffered from moderate symptoms and recovered, and 13.8% suffered from symptoms of severe

Severe, 6.1% were critical and respiratory failure and defects in many organs.

A number of asymptomatic infections were reported at an unclear rate.

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