Causes and solutions to treat mood swings and tension


One of the most important causes of mood swings is hormonal imbalance or hormonal imbalance. Mood swings are experienced by many without knowing the reason, so hormonal imbalance affects not only women, but affects all people.

Reasons for mood swings:

1- Linking to emotions:

The secretion of gynecological hormones is linked to the emotions that are associated with those secretions, so hormonal fluctuations can directly affect the temperament. The period of premenstrual mood fluctuation is linked to a decrease in the level of progesterone during the menstrual cycle, and this fluctuation stops when menstruation occurs.

This period is characterized by depression.

Feeling mood, anxiety, tension, anger The symptoms may be severe to the point of interfering with functional, educational and social performance, and the condition may also be confusing and require medical intervention.

2- Hyperactivity disorder:

People who suffer from hyperactivity disorder are unable to find a cure for it, so it is necessary to deal with their condition because they feel from time to time frustrated. This disturbance results in feelings of inability to deal with others and feelings of deficiency, due to the feeling of depression, which results in mood swings.

3- Personal disorders:

 People who suffer from this disorder if it is about themselves or about others are not able to maintain or continue in any relationship.

4- Postpartum depression:

Many women develop this depression because of a feeling of anxiety and fatigue.

Insecurity, anxiety,

Insomnia, waking up early and sometimes from overactive activity, excessive speech, and hallucinations

. And all this happens after birth as a result of the change in the hormones protactinium and cortisone, in addition to disorders of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for 10% of this depression that occurs after birth.

It is possible to treat hormonal imbalances to improve hormonal balance by:

Hormone level test: This test is carried out in more than one way, such as: blood. Then you can start treating the causes that lead to this imbalance. Among the methods of treatment are the following:

Follow a healthy and healthy diet.

Reducing stress

Treatment of the digestive system and microbial balance

– Doing different exercises.

Reducing toxins in the food you eat and living in a healthy environment.

You can go to the appropriate alternative hormones, which are determined by the specialist.

Mood swings are mood swings between one emotion and another in a very short period of time, up to a minute. Men believe that only women suffer from mood swings, but anyone is vulnerable to mood swings, and it is better to know the causes of mood swings and ways to control it? For example, you may be incredibly happy in a minute, feel very sad afterwards, and then return to happiness again. Sometimes the causes of mood swings are evident, such as a certain mental condition or an emotional breakdown. But some mood swings happen for no apparent reason. Those people who have severe mood swings may notice other problems such as suicidal tendencies, unhealthy supplements, and problems in their personal and professional lives. Therefore, it is necessary to control mood swings by specific methods.

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